Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ashti j's wedding

finally, my good friend j's wedding is finished. it was a long sunday considering the preprations we had to go through. well, if you're an encantadia fan, you'll understand why i tagged this blog "ashti j's wedding." the dark red and magenta colors which was the motif of j's wedding, reminds me so much of what ashti pirena was wearing in encantadia, the fantaserye in gma. oh well, the comparison actually ends there.

going back to my kwento about the wedding. it was a beautiful wedding. j was so lovely in her gown. and i can see the radiance in her face. the same radiance that you see in most brides who are quite happy with what they are about to go through.

the wedding was held at the fernwood gardens. such a nice place talaga. the garden theme was enchanting and somehow relaxing. although i must say, i wasn't as relaxed as i would have wanted coz i was co-hosting the reception with our friend e and d, the groom's friend. well, for amateurs like us, the program did turn out well although there were a few glitches along the way especially during the introduction of the entourage. but hey, not everything is perfect as long as it's well within your boundaries of "perfect."

the hairstyle i was aiming for as mentioned in my earlier blog turned out quite well as hoped. even the dress actually. the only thing i would have hoped for was for me not to look too big on that dress. but, again, nothing's perfect. still, i'd like to say i looked quite well that night. plus, the camera-happy couple that we are, hubby and i just kept on taking photos the whole night. we just had to maximize taking photos of me in full make-up and a wonedrful hairstyle! hahaha!

although, i think the limelight was "stolen" from the newlyweds when c, je's (j's sister) boyfriend proposed to her when they were chosen during the bouquet and garter part of the reception. nobody expected that moment. we only "rigged" the game so that we'll end up with partners who actually either know or are comfortable with each other's company. when c was asked to place the garter on je, he suddenly knelt down on one knee and asked for the microphone. and with tears in his eyes, asked permission from je's parents on what he was about to do, and then told je, will you marry me? it was such a sweet moment. most of the guests were teary-eyed from seeing c pour his heart out in proposing to je, not even minding that he was crying in the process.

the wedding was also a chance for our barkada to be together again. we don't see each other as often as before. occasions like this somehow keeps us all together. i truly miss the company of my friends, friends who've been with me for almost 10 years already. times do change as we all slowly "part" ways to build our own families. the only person left not married in our group is my best friend c and ra. but things are bound to change more in the next 2 years as they are also about to be married.


  1. Wow, you'll look so pretty. Those deep red dresses are very lovely.

  2. bethski, thanks for the compliments. =D