Monday, December 19, 2005

new blog skin?

i just decided to change my blog's skin earlier.

i didn't like the way my previous blog looked like. i must have pressed something in the formatting in my previous blog skin that made the sidebar move right below the posts. and i hated how it looked! a bit o.c, don't you think?!

anyway, i would have loved getting a different look instead of just using the templates in blogger. but i don't know how! i have no idea how to change the headers and insert something different.

of course, a blog is primarily used for writing down your thoughts. nothing fancy supposedly. but hey, wouldn't you be more inspired to write your journal if you had a nice "notebook." same thing with blogs! i'm sure some of the bloggers out there feels better if they like the skin they're using.

that's what i admire about the others' blogs. other than their journal of course. any design that's different from the ordinary adds a little more pizzaz to the journal.

i just hope i'll know how to do that. or probably, somebody out there can at least teach me how i'll be able to customize my header.

anybody out there willing to teach me?...

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