Tuesday, October 18, 2005

blog hopping

as i've previously posted, i'm kinda new with blogging and have actually been fascinated with this thing. in as much as i've blogged a few times, the format and other stuff just doesn't seem right to me. well, after weeks of figuring things out, i've now gotten the hang out of blogging. i now like what i see in format even the counters that i've placed.

now, i'm trying to go blog-hopping. i've been looking at the blog of other people and i like what they write! i developed a curiosity over what other people think, the way they lead their lives and the insights they share on the things around them.

by reading through their blog, i feel i am being educated. it gives me a better perspective on things and i love it. a different pov on things indeed.

some of these bloggers are from my e-group and i do hope they don't mind me linking them up. a recent find also, thanks to lieza, is the blog of
jessica zafra. yes, jessica zafra the writer. hmm, truly a must-read blog. hope to encounter more interesting blogs in the following days.

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