Saturday, February 05, 2005

our 4th visit to the ob

according to, this is how our baby should look like at 4 months --

we just had our 4th check-up for my pregnancy. i just completed the 4th month and i'm going into my 5th month na.

during our last month's appointment, dra. perona said i can have my first ultrasound when i go for my next check-up. naturally, nelo and i were so excited at the thought that we'll finally be able to glimpse the first "photo" of our baby. nagdala pa kami ng camera para nelo can take my picture during the u/s.

hay! hindi po natuloy ang aming ultrasound. =C

well, dra. conducted the usual check-up. syempre, check din ang heartbeat ni baby. wow! ang lakas ng heartbeat niya and stable. very positive sign na growing healthier siya in my tummy. happy ako when i heard the baby's heartbeat, i can't deny the fact that i sometimes get worried kasi if he's growing as expected.

the week before our visit, i was throwing up again frequently lalo na sa gabi. plus, feeling ko di naman ako nag-gain at all from the previous month. during the check-up, 1 lb. lang ang na-gain ko. she even asked me if diet daw ako. how i wish! =D i asked nga si dra. if that's okay. she said walang problema. i'll grow din naman as the months progress basta less carbohydrates lang daw, lessen the sweets, no softdrinks and even iced tea.

that was my cue to ask nga if tuloy ba ultrasound ko and she said bakit daw? i told her naman that she recommended it the previous month. oh well, she said, wait na lang daw kami until the 6th month. kasi, wala naman siyang na-feel na distress from the baby and i wasn't spotting naman nor were there any negative signs from my body that will push her to recommend an ultrasound.

okay na rin as long as she feels the baby's healthy. i told nga the baby after na postponed muna ang kanyang first "picture-taking" session. =D sabi ni nelo inaasar ko pa daw ang baby! hahaha! it was just fun talking to my baby kahit nasa tummy ko pa rin siya.

so, we'll just have to wait until the 6th month... =D

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