Thursday, July 14, 2011

oh baby!

it's been almost 2 months since my last post. a lot has happened since then and our lives have taken a different turn.  a new chapter has begun for us and it is something that we have waited for in a long time.  

i gave birth last june 2 to our little bundle of joy - neil patrick "nikko" bermudez.  

photogrpahed by alby laran

our joy is overflowing and we are very blessed and ever thankful for this gift.  since our baby nikko's arrival, our life took a 360 degree turn.  he requires our undivided attention and we are also adjusting as new parents.  the first few weeks were hard and our time is no longer under our control.  still, seeing nikko smile after a tiring day is the best reward there is.

 photogrpahed by alby laran

scrapbooking has taken a backseat for now.  but i do have tons of baby pictures already waiting to be scrapped.  hopefully i can get my groove back once he's a bit bigger.  i do have some layouts and projects that i was able to finish before giving birth.  i'll share those in the coming days. it might even help jumpstart my creativity sooner than i hoped for.

for now, i'm off to do my mommy duties. will be back later to blog some scrappiness.


  1. What a wonderful blessing, kapatid. I'm so happy for your little family. God bless your family always. =)


  2. can't wait to see these scrapped! enjoy your little angel!

  3. Hi! It's been a while... Congrats :) Enjoy motherhood xx