Saturday, January 22, 2011

it's been a blessed 2010

good morning everyone!
finally, after months of hiatus from blogging, i am back and i hope i can continue on posting more consistently this year.

most of my friends already know the reason behind the blog absence. but, i do want to share it here (for those who might be interested ;D). we have waited for this for so long after the loss of our little angel. and now, he has granted our fervent wish...
yes! i am pregnant again and we are overwhelmed with emotions when we found out about it. there was nothing to say except "thank you lord!" 

this new journey though is not easy, i had to be in bedrest for my 1st trimester. there was a hemmorhagic spot around the baby and i had to really limit my movement and just be in bed until it cleared. it was hard physically and more stressful emotionally. but we did pull through! 

i am now halfway through my pregnancy at 4.5 months. still a long way to go but we will get there eventually. it's one step at a time for us. a lot of changes will happen and we look forward to it. we know that he will guide us every step of the way.

and so now, now that i can move more freely, i've decided to get back to the "normal" grind of things in our life. i still move about with caution, always taking the baby's safety in mind. but i feel i can do some of the things i've been doing before. that of course includes blogging and scrapping!

the new year holds a lot of promise for us and i hope i can share more of our life and my art in the coming days. until the next post!


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  2. You are back! Huge Congrats that you are preggers. Looking at the photo, you are definitely one gorgeous mom. Have a safe pregnancy my friend and a smooth delivery too. Hugs...

  3. Hey, Liza girl! I had no idea! Congrats, congrats! And God bless you both and your little one!

    It was so nice to see you today! Miss you! =)


  4. Congratulations! God bless your family! :D Take care.