Thursday, May 13, 2010

of "celebrations" and a journey...

Today, we "celebrate" our Raya's 5th birthday.

In 2005, we thought this day was to be our happiest day... It was, momentarily... But it turned into the start of a 10-day journey of praying, hoping, waiting for a miracle to happen. Of fervent prayers that she survive her fight for life, for her and for us. But God had other plans... He probably needed Raya to be with Him more than with us... And so we lost in that journey...

Every year, as this day arrives, we "celebrate" and then start on our 10-day journey... of looking back at that moment in our life that changed everything... the intense feeling of loss that builds up... reliving every moment as our emotions reach the edge.

As in the past, we will survive this... we will move on and move forward in our lives.  But for now, we must take this journey...


  1. AS you know I have a 9-day journey of my own.
    Will be upholding you in prayer as you walk this road again.

    PS love the fresh cute new blog look, I usually just read your5 blog in my google reader and not by clicking through here so it is new to me.

  2. hugs to you and Nelo! I really admire your strenght. Happy birthday Raya!