Monday, February 15, 2010

rain or shine

a belated valentine's greetings to you all!  we had fun with our valentine day celebration yesterday, nothing fancy, just a stroll at the mall, lunch date and capped it off with dessert. 

speaking of valentine's day, our assignment at journaling junkie was to write a love letter to someone. the letter needs to be handwritten and we need to use non-traditional valentine colors.  no reds or sappy hearts.

hidden journal:
Love, remember this photo? It suddenly rained that night, New Year's Eve (2009).  But there we were out on the street.  It seems cheesy but it's so sweet! You were holding the umbrella making sure we don't get wet, and me holding to you tightly. That rain didn't stop us from neighbor-hoppig. It's been like that with the two of us for the past 5 years. Never mind the rain or setbacks. We just hold on to each other, we go with the flow and make the most of the situation. And it is no surprise that we see a ray of light, a glimmer of sunshine that makes us smile, laugh and enjoy every minute of being together. I'm sure we will continue to be like this for a long time. Rain or shine, it will be you and me always!

tips:  to create a semblance of raindrops, i scattered bling around the titles to give it that dewy feel.

materials used:
cardstock - dcwv; patterned paper - wrmk; alpha - american crafts, doodlebug designs; metal clip - making memories; ink - colorbox; fiber; dmc floss; bling

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