Friday, January 08, 2010

happy new year!

 a happy new year to everyone! welcome 2010!

the past year had been a great one for me and my family.  some low points but there were a lot of high points.  we've been resilient and we've survived another year.  truly a lot to be thankful for!

i am not one for resolutions as i seem to keep on breaking them as the year progresses.  there are a few things i'd like to "promise" myself but i don't want to be strict about it too.  i'll just try to go about with things one day at a time.  face the challenges as it comes.

and one of those promises is to be a bit more active with my blog posts.  i've kinda neglected my blog the past year.  life gets in the way a lot and work is a priority really.  but this time, i'll try to keep things in check as much as i can.

so, if you are one of those who checks my blog at least once a month, it will be safe to check in 2x and you'll probably see 2 posts already! lol!

anyways, i'm rambling on.  i just really want to greet everyone a happy new year!

till my next post...

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