Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sk ultimate scrapper season 2

warning.. long post... scrappy overload...

i admit it, i don't like joining rush challenges, the ones where you are only given a few hours to finish a layout or a project. i'd rather join those that gives you about a few days or a week to finish a requirement.

i really don't like rushing. the pressure of finding the right photo, matched with the right papers and embellishments in a limited time is just too much for me. which is why i can't understand what got into me for joining scrappin kids' ultimate scrapper challenge last may 1 to 3.

i know some of you might be sniggering as you read this. serves me right huh! after all the pressures that we give as a scrappin' moms, about time i experience the same ordeal right?! lol!

well, join i did and let me say it was a different experience. totally out of the box for me in terms of time frame and the fact that i had to prioritize this over doing other things.

i did realize a few things with this challenge experience: 1. i am not a fast scrapper! 2. the time pressure makes your head spin with a lot of ideas, which doesn't always happen to me 3. i can use up "old" photos faster with these types of challenges 4. and i didn't know i can finish a mini album in 1 hour! lol!

lastly, this was worth it coz i ended up being the 1st runner-up and i get to receive some fabulous scrapbook stuff courtesy of lasting impression! really, it's been a lot of fun! thanks to wati and company for cooking up this challenge.

okay, enough talk! here are the challenges and the layouts i created:
challenge #1
"Do a layout of what Scrapbooking REALLY mean to you. I need to see journalling and you can only use 1 pattern paper and 1 cardstock on the layout. Other embellishment is fine. Pictures are optional."

challenge #2
"I like to see a colour scheme layout...and I pick BLACK & WHITE! You have to do a black & white colour layout. NO other colour on the layout. Only these are allowed :1. Black & White photo (single or multi) 2. Black ink3. Black & White pps, cardstock and embellishment"

note: those photos are my i.d picture back in college, circa 1995. lol!

challenge #3
"Challenge is 1. To do a STYLISH photo frame around your photo.You have to use bits & pieces of your stash to create it. Anything is possible BUT no rub-ons & stickers. 2. NO multi photo on the layout 3. Do share with us how you come up with the frame"

note: i used the bam pop die-cut frames and i added dimension by uisng chipboard as backing for the photo and frame.

challenge #4
"Its time for another challenge ladies! For this challenge you have to do 4 ATC's. 1. 4 ATC with a theme 2. Do incorporate a technique, example stamping, embossing, masking etc 3. Explain why you chose that them and technique"

note: i did masking and paper tearing mostly. i also used "love" as the theme. which worked well coz i was able to incorporate these same atc's in my mini book

challenge #5 (final challenge)
"1. to do a mini album by applying all the other challenges that you had done challenge #1 - challenge #4 2. The mini album can be of any form 3. It has to have at least 5-6 pages 4. You have to post why you chose the kind of album, and explain to us all on your tricks and techs. 5. Tricks & Techniques applied will be a plus point. 6. This is all up to your creativity and interpretation 7. This is not a speed challenge, you work will be judge by our GUEST JUDGE"

note: i almost didn't make it for this last challenge. i was out for a photo class from 10am - 3pm. the deadline to submit the mini book was at 5pm. we got home barely a few minutes before 4pm and i only had literally an hour to finish the mini book. lucky enough that i found some colorful promo cards at the restaurant where we had lunch. that's what i used as background for my mini book.


  1. Hi Liza! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'd gladly make you the starbucks refill next year :)

    Btw, nice layouts! Hay, natutuwa ako to read your blogs kasi parang ang sisipag nyo talaga! hehehe ;)

  2. Galing naman ng layouts mo! Sometimes, when you work underpressure, you see how you work no? I think you did well. Great job! :D

  3. love what you did, liza. parang hindi naman pressured ha. galing. :-)

  4. Lovely works!!! You did manage to produce good pieces of work even under the pressure!