Tuesday, December 02, 2008

naughty + nice

the 1st challenge for december is up at the pretty committee.

the challenge was to complete the phrase "all i want for christmas is..." well, there are lots of things i would want for christmas. on top of the list is a new home, which i already got, thankfully. so, i decided to scrap about the next on my list -- a nikon d60 dslr!

i forgot to share here that we lost our precious sony cybershot last november 9. we left it in the car (as i've done a few times in the past) and i decided to get it the following day already, november 10. it wasn't there anymore! nelo couldn't remember if he forgot to lock the car or what the day before.

i actually cried that night. you see, that camera has been with us since 2004, a gift from my sil. it has served us well for the past 4 years. lots of precious memories captured by that camera. but more than that, my sadness was also due to the fact that my little angel's hospital band was kept in the memory card case, which was also in the camera bag.

nelo said, maybe it's a way of telling us to let go already. that hospital band was the only physical item left with us of that difficult time in our life. i don't know... maybe what nelo said is true... still...

so now, i don't have a camera. it's one thing i really must have and i have to have one soon. i don't want a point-and-shoot camera anymore. the price of one is almost half the cost of a dslr and i might as well save up a bit more so i can already upgrade. just a few more days probably and i'll have what i want.

so here's the layout i created...
journal: dear santa, have i been naughty + nice? i hope i deserve that d60 nikon camera i've been wanting the whole year. it will be one of my christmas best gifts ever.

materials used: patterned paper - ki memories; chipboard - my scrapworks; alphas - making memories; journali die-cut - mme; pen - uniball signo


  1. Ooh! I hope you get it.
    Lovely LO.

  2. hI Liza. It's been a long time na I havent been here.

    I know you've been good this year. :)

    Take care!

  3. Liza you did a lovely layout.
    Love the colors!!!