Friday, October 10, 2008

thankful yet again

we just got word that based on the latest inspection, we have reached 90.+% completion!
thank god for this blessing!
it's one of the hurdles we had to surpass. there's one more hurdle which is the occupancy permit.
he truly guides us in this path we are going through.
and yet again, he showed us the power of faith.
he really works in mysterious ways.
at times when i feel that we've hit the end of the road, he shows us a corner to turn to.
another opportunity for us to continue on the journey.
it is not a smooth path but i know more than ever that he is there beside us, helping us.
thank you for letting the sun shine upon us and giving us continued hope for our future.


  1. hi liza!congratulations, sana tuluy-tuloy na. i know how it feels, i went through the same gamut of emotions when i got my place. pero don't worry, it will only make it much sweeter when you finally completed the acquisition. :)

  2. Amen to that, hopefully everything goes smoothly :)