Tuesday, October 21, 2008

little by little

a lot has been happening in the homefront for us.

by next week, we will be moving back in to our house already! thank you lord!

we left our "old" house exactly a year ago to make way for our new house. we experienced a lot of trials trying to make this work and to make sure that we are able to build this house that we've been dreaming of for years.

it was a slow process. actually, it is still a slow process. building the structure took time. the funds were not always readily available. we had to push our limits and try to find other means. with a little help from family and friends, the target for the structure was met.

the finishing part is a different story altogether. again, funds are scarce and the need was getting bigger once more. it almost took its toll on us. our exterior walls have not yet been finished and everytime the rain comes, it seeps into the walls. it was tough for my parents who are already living there. at one point, they woke up amidst the rain outside and the water seeped into their room and almost reached the matress on the floor. it happened a few times in the past 3 months at the height of the rainy season.

that pushed us to really find a way to have the exterior walls finished. every week it was a struggle for funds. we felt like we were being pushed to the wall, feeling helpless. and yet, by the grace of god, and at the nick of time, we are able to find the necessary funds. at the least expected moments, our prayers are answered. payment for small time projects were finally paid. earnings from small events were subdivided among partners. little things that just fell into place when all seem lost. there was still the ray of sunshine behind the dark clouds.

the end to our finished house is still far from over. there are still a lot of things to be done. but it is already ready to be lived in somehow. we can already stay there and make the most of what we have. the dream we've tried to build is now ready for us. it is the house which will once again become our home.

there is much to be thankful for the start of a new chapter in our lives. a lot of gratitude for his grace and guidance.

for now, just a few more days till the day we officially move in... it will be all worth the wait...

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