Friday, October 24, 2008

five more days...

till we are officially back in our home!

the whole weekend is gonna be tough just trying to clean-up the place. they are currently putting the tiles in our part of the house. such a blessing to be able to fund that. the workers will be going on overtime on that until tuesday night.

while they're at it, we'll be in our room fixing up all the stuff that i brought back home. much like when we moved out last year, majority of the clutter i have to fix is all on my scrapbook stuff!
i am a bit dazed as to how i will arrange and store everything with the lack of cabinets available.

oh well, that's a problem i can address in the future. i have to make do with what i have for now. i just want to be thankful that i at least have a space to even place them in.

here's a photo of some of the stuff i still need to pack. there's lot more clutter where that came from and where that's going! lol!
i can't wait to get home and start cleaning up all the mess.

slowly but surely...

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  1. wow daming stuff! kelan garage sale? hehehe...