Wednesday, August 06, 2008

artful blogging challenge on

what is your blog name and what's with the name?
this is "a few of my thoughts." when i started this off in 2004, i wanted my title to say immediately what i was sharing - a few of my thoughts (and more actually!). i envisioned this blog to contain my personal thoughts and feelings about life. and i know that my chosen title really captured everything.

how was your banner/header created (include all credits)?
i'm not really a techie person but i did try to learn how i can manage and fix my blog. i was envious of those artistic headers that i see on various blogs but i had no idea how it's done. thank goodness for digital kits! again, i'm not adept at digital scrapbooking but i know the basics.

i used the "echoes of asia" free digital kit that was available for download through creating keepsakes. i'm quite partial to the color blue so it was definitely a match for me. i wanted a simple yet appealing design. i enlarged some of the flower elements and i used the striped ribbons. i also used some of the swirls for additional element. for the font, i downloaded a feminine looking font without too much flair.

what is your blog about? why did you create it?
as my title said, this blog is aboout a few of my thoughts. i created this back in november 2004. completely forgot about it and only remembered i had one in february 2005. but, i failed to update once more, that is until october 2005.

by that time, and during that year, a lot of things has happened in my life. personal struggles with the loss of our baby, the adjustment to the loss, the need to divert my attention to other things, and the new found passion for scrapbooking. actually, scrapbooking turned out to be a therapy hobby for me.

with my renewed interest in blogging, i found a way to let out all the emotions i was feeling. this became my online journal, my diary, a place where i can pour my heart out. it was also a convenient way of accounting the things i've been doing and the places we've been going to. all our little travels have been recorded here to remind me of the little places we visited, the unique things about it and how much fun we had.

but aside from that, my scrapbooking found its way into my blog as well. slowly but surely, it found its way into my blog posts, almost literally taking over my personal thoughts. but no regrets here. the journal in my layouts are still shared and i still get to write down my thoughts about what i created and its significance in my life.

so again, why did i create this? to share my thoughts and my life to others; to remind myself of the things that i've been through; and to continue creating and sharing my art and my life.

having said all that, it's good to look back at how this blog has actually evolved. do join in the bookoto blogging challenge when you can.

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