Wednesday, June 04, 2008

post scrapfest5 chika

well, the dust has already settled from scrapfest5. it is the most successful scrapfest we've ever mounted since scrappin' moms started almost 3 years ago. i've been "officially" a scrappin' mom for only a year and a half but have been helping out with the scrapfest since the start. i'm just so grateful that i've gained very good friends through this hobby. wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

going back... so we did the scrapfest at max's again. less logistical concerns to worry about despite the distance. we set-up the night before and was back again early, may 17 for the event.

this is the first scrapfest that most of the "scrappin' dads" actually pitched in to help/work as well. aside from being the official photographers of the event, meng & jeff set-up their new studio, orient light studio, for an on-the-spot studio shot set-up. buddy helped us out the night before as well and supported ria with his presence again at the event.

my dear nelo was the assigned videographer of the day! i actually assigned him that position. lol! he didn't have a choice. he did enjoy it am sure. magnolia was one of our sponsors and he confessed that he kept coming back to the booth for the free ice cream. lol! talk about immediate rewards!

the shopping spree for the attendees was a given already. but prior to lunch, that was when the day's activities started kicking in. we started with the mini-book demo and we taught some stamping techniques using absolument stamps. it stopped for lunch break, then it was iris' turn to demo some special techniques. it was back to the mini-book again after that and onwards to the mini-book cover challenge. everyone was glued in to their seats as they followed through the demo and the challenge.

next was the layout challenge. they were divided into the newbies and advanced categories. wow! looking at the entries after that was amazing! such huge talent overflowing that day. you can hear a pin drop during the challenge proper as everyone was so engrossed with their work.

it was such a headache choosing the winners in all the categories. note that we had special awards and not just one main winner. so you can just imagine all six of us scrappin' moms walking back & forth in front of the table trying to decide which layouts we liked best.

but it was all worth it!

seeing the anticipation on everyone's faces, waiting for the winners' names to be announced. priceless!

it was a tiring day but it was much fun. and the reward was more of fulfillment knowing that you made everyone happy with the event. kind words and a pat on the back from fellow scrappers commending the scrappin' moms for a job well done made it all worth it.

until the next scrapfest!

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  1. Congrats to all the scrappinmoms, saludo ako sa inyo! Inggit na inggit ako sa mga photos na nakapost sa ning, how I wish I was there, isa sa mga target ko is to attend next year, hopefully to meet you all! take care!