Tuesday, April 08, 2008

and the saga continues (chapter 2)

i got this text message from a friend last sunday...

"are you troubled, living in fear, wondering if god can do the impossible for you? replace all that with full trust and faith in him. he is able to do anything, and he will prove it to you sooner than you expect! lord god, miracle worker, i put my trust in you today. i believe and receive from your abounding grace. amen... blessed sunday."

this text couldn't have come better at an opportune time. honestly, i've been feeling a bit off everytime i think about the current status of our property. it is hard to feel suddenly uncertain about your future and more harder since you are "depending" on a group of people to make things materialize.

that sunday, i was given another nudge by the lord. i am slipping from his grip once more and he gave me the nudge to realize that there will be an answer somewhere.

i await your guidance lord and lead me to the right path...


i just got a call from my brother. the appraiser just finished with the 3rd inspection to our property. we were informed to make a follow-up call tomorrow for the result.

according to my brother, the appraiser mentioned in passing that she believes that the progress is beyond 30% already.

i pray that the report will be favorable for us.

lord, guide us to the right path. shower us with your grace and help us realize that nothing is impossible with you.

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