Friday, March 14, 2008

scrap therapy

i need this very much!

after all the emotional challenges that we've been going through in the past 48 hours, i badly need a break.

i'm attending our monthly scrapbook eb tomorrow over at vivian's place. i'll try to be there early too, i heard her new stuff came in already. i promise i won't splurge! i don't have that luxury at the moment. but i definitely have a few bucks to spare. they said retail therapy is always good for a woman's heart. lol! thank goodness for gigs with working mom.

here are (pa)cutesie photos to cap off the week:


  1. Hi Liza! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Sounds like a stressful time for are in my prayers. Your scrapbook pages are awesome! I've enjoyed taking a peek at your work and your blog. Hope to get to know you better! Hugs!

  2. take it easy babe...*hugz*

  3. You looked great last Saturday, Liza! No signs of stress at all! You are blessed, girl!