Tuesday, February 26, 2008

new cards

i had a bit of a break yesterday after having lunch with my mom. i decided to do some cards instead. i intend to give this to the upcoming scrapbook fundraising.

made these mostly using my scraps and a little bit of stamping.


  1. nice cards and what a social thought for fundraising through these cards..keep up the good work and i pray you get good collection..if you have time plz visit my blog too..thanks


  2. hi Liza!!! wow I love you cards!!! ang ganda!!! and thanks din kasi youll donate them to the fundraising event that we are organizing. Lucky makakakuha nyan becuae i know it was made out of love.Hugs!

  3. very nice cards. i'm sure the recipient will be very pleased!

  4. Love your cards Liza! Pa-lift ha. I've been meaning to make cards so I have stock to give away when the need arises. This is just what I need - an inspiration to get me started. Keep them coming!