Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i miss writing here...

i haven't really been able to update on life as much as i'd want to.

i seem to be doing a lot of scrappy stuff over the past 2 weeks but none of them are actually for me. these are projects that i've been asked to do. i can't complain though coz i'll be compensated for one of the projects. the others i did were for my relatives.

but, i miss doing pages for myself. i've been planning on a lot of things for my layouts but i can't seem to get a head start on them. i had to prioritize other things and it's draining me.

when the year started i told myself i have to target at least 2 layouts in a week, as much as possible. but none of that seems to be happening.

i just feel so left out with my scrapbooking.

the project i'm doing is due on friday already. i hope after that, i can go back to doing my own scrapbooks.

i need an energy boost please!...

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  1. Ooops. Syempre nag-comment ako dun sa post mo above this one before I read this.

    I know what you mean about being behind. Ako naman, medyo lahat ng feel kong challenges, sinasalihan ko. So feeling ko habol ako ng habol. Then of course there's the daily chores I have to do. Tapos umalis pa si AR ng isang linggo.

    Anyway, hope you finish all your projects for other people soon so you can get back to your own scrapping. =) Kaya pala puro projects pino-post mo at walang layouts. Hehe.

    Miss you, sis. Hang in there.