Tuesday, December 11, 2007

working through creative fear

this is ali edwards' focus last week on her aezine life artist newsletter.
(i totally forgot to post this and just realized it was still in draft mode)

a very apt summary. this is what ali wrote:

What are we afraid of in our creative lives?

1. Messing up.
2. Thinking this is the one and only chance to tell this story so it simply must be perfect.
3. People not appreciating what we create.
4. Being seen as selfish or extravagant for indulging yourself in scrapbooking.
5. Not getting anything done.

i totally agree with everything she said. and about 95%, i am guilty of the same things written above.

i do hate messing up my work and more often than not, i get delayed on finishing up something coz i want to plan it really well. the result - a super delayed project or no finished album at all.

then there's the thought that people will not like what i did. i've always said that just do what you want regardless of what other people may think. i still believe that. but i'm just human, i sometimes end up wanting my work liked by other people too. the thought of getting a little compliment or recognition for your work overpowers any objective mind.

i guess people sees it more as an extravagant hobby more than anything. imagine having to buy imported materials for your creations. that seems a lot for other people. but hey! i like what i do and i spend my own money on it anyway. so why do i have to feel guilty. i only feel guilty if i've maxed out my allowable credit limit for myself and have to stop shopping for the meantime. lol!

not get anything done... now that is my biggest creative fear! with the little time i have i am always afraid of not being able to finish anything at all. i actually seem to shop more than i scrap.

but hey, whatever makes you happy right?! and scrapbooking makes me oh so happy! this is the one hobby that i find fulfillment in and i love what i do. i will still go on doing this despite all the creative fears that hounds me as an "artist."

thanks ali for these realizations and making me face these fears!

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  1. Yeah, Liza, I totally agree with you, 110% pa! I am learning about my compulsions, yet I am totally alive in the creation of LOs and projects. I want to be known but I also want to hide. It's a contradiction of sorts, and yet WE wouldn't want it any other way, would we? --- Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh, and I do love your blog. I learn many things about myself as well from you. :)