Friday, November 02, 2007


last night, we spent it once more at loyola to spend "time" with our little angel.

we've done this since 2005 except last year coz we were away on vacation.

we were there by 7pm and most of my family were also there to spend a few hours with us and to also remember our niece christine who passed away 16 years ago, also after being born prematurely.

my cousins and my mom & bro left by 11pm and nelo and i stayed on until this morning.

it was a night of remembering what we have lost. it was still hard to accept the reality but i know that we have somehow moved on from our loss. the wound has not totally healed. i think it will still take some time before all is truly accepted.

i may never know the full reason for our loss. but i know that for whatever reason it is, he will let it be clear to us in due time.

for now, we are just here looking on at what remains of her aside from her memory.

we just pray that god guides us and that he can show us the way to our full healing...

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