Thursday, November 22, 2007

i need some rest

since friday last week, i've been doing nothing but cleaning, packing, arranging and fixing all our stuff.

work on our house has already started this tuesday and that meant that i had to pack up and move out of my room. that is the first area they need to work on so we were advised last week that i need to clean out my room already.

i was on leave friday and monday just so i can have the time to clean up our room.

i couldn't believe the amount of stuff that is stored in our room!

i was able to pack around 5 sacks and 7 boxes with old clothes, magazines, books, bags, scrapbook stuff and what have you. but there's still more stuff under our bed and it doesn't even include the stuff which i packed separately. the items i separated i brought with me temporarily in our room at nelo's house. i still have to unpack them now and arrange there.

i am so tired and i lack sleep. the earliest i am able to sleep is at 12mn. last sunday, i slept at 2:30am - that's already a monday!

my mom on the otherhand was in-charge of packing all the other stuff in our house. and there are still a lot of things to be packed!

i need to rest. my body is aching from all packing i've done and for the short hours i sleep. my skin has dried due to constant washing and polishing of the floors in our room. and there is still a lot of stuff i need to unload. i know i'm complaining a lot here.

still, i know that there is a reward after all these.

just a few months of sacrifice and i know that the reward will be much bigger. we'll be able to see our new home built, the one we have all been dreaming of for years. we just have to be patient with all the adjustments we need to make if we really want to reap the rewards.

so for now, i will try to finish up fixing all our stuff and try to get the much needed rest this weekend, i hope.

hopefully i can start scrapping already as well, just to relieve myself of some stress packing has caused me. hehehe!

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  1. hi liza, i know the feeling! when our house was being renovated, we had to sleep in the garage for 6 months while my parents slept in the dining room. but it was all worth it after seeing our new house.

    don't forget to post pix ok.

    take care!