Thursday, October 18, 2007

scrappy weekend

we had a fun and scrappy weekend.

it was ria's annual scrap retreat which was held last saturday & sunday. this is the 2nd time she's done this. last year, i wasn't able to attend since we were in the u.s at that time. i really made sure that i'll be able to attend this time.

this was supposed to be at punta fuego and a triple celebration along with mia and arlene. unfortunately, mia got sick so we had to postpone the punta fuego plans but stil proceeded with the scrap overnight at ria's place instead.

we were all at ria's place by lunchtime. it was a good lunch while exchanging a lot of chikas. i couldn't believe that we were all talking at once but can still catch up with each other's conversation. ria's voice was starting to get hoarse and it was just 2pm. lol!

since arlene has asked us to create layouts for her in exchange for some prizes, we decided to go on a field trip first to vivian. read more on this at ria's blog.

we got back to ria's place by 5pm and we promptly set off to start doing the layouts. if you want 17 layouts done in 1 night, better do what arlene did. lol! each of us had to do 2 layouts for her. april was able to finish 3. unfortunately, we weren't able to take pictures of our layouts for her. still, it was fun! i won a zision chizel-it in the raffle. i honestly don't know how to use it but nelo said to keep it for him when he starts doing his personal project. heheheh.

i was able to finish 2 layouts after that.

it was my mom & dad's 35th wedding anniversary last sunday. i made sure that i'll be able to finish a layout for them coz that will be my gift. good thing joanne was there to help with some ideas for my layout. i was able to finish my 1st layout at 2:30am already. here's that layout:

i was supposed to go home and just come back the next day but they all convinced me to just stay. i asked nelo to bring me my stuff instead.

we woke up at 7am and then proceeded to doing another set of layouts again. i was able to finish this one:

can't get enough

that's my entry to lasting impression's piggy tales challenge.

i packed my bags and left by 1:30 pm. there's a celebration for my parent's anniversary so i really had to pack-up early. still, i had loads of fun.

i wish we can repeat it again soon!

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