Monday, October 15, 2007

a look back at scrapfest 4

two weeks have almost passed since scrapfest 4 last october 6.

a lot has been said and shared already about the scrapfest by my fellow scrappin' moms, the participants and the idols. i am quite happy that all the feedbacks were positive and it makes my heart swell with pride.

let me just share a few of my own personal thoughts on this successful event.

after the 3rd scrapfest last may, april, mia and joanne, have decided to include me, along with ria and pia into the scrappin' moms. it was an honor to be chosen to join the group moreso since these girls are also my friends and they are the first few people i ever got close to when i decided to start scrapbooking.

we thought we had ample time to plan for the scrapfest. but 2 months prior to the event, joanne was struck by a big idea. she wanted a scrappin' moms idol as the highlight of the scrapfest 4.

we knew it was going to be a big task. but who are we to argue with a visionary like joanne! she started the scrappin' moms, she started the scrapfest and she can actually start an idol search like this as well.

so we all jumped into bandwagon and started to conceptualize on how we will do the scrappin' moms idol. after much discussion and countless excanges over email and ym chats, we finally launched the scrappin' moms idol. the culmination of it all would be at the scrapfest 4.

we thought things will move smoothly from there, but no, there were still a lot of things to do and we haven't even finalized everything about the actual scrapfest. from july - september, we all felt the pressure and stress of organizing for this event. the countless chat consultations and the weekend debates to answer the idol questions in the forum, up to the preparation for the main scrapfest, it was all so stressful to say the least. i think even more for april and joanne who were very much on top of everything that we are doing.

and so, the fateful day arrived, october 6. it was a relief to finally see everything that you've worked for blend together. a relief to see everyone nicely settled in on their seats or shopping around. seeing them enjoying the day away with friends and not worrying about whether they had enough elbow room to move around when they start doing the workshops and the challenges.

aside from the set-up and preparations, i was also tasked on hosting the event. it was a bit hard at times since the mic wasn't working properly, but i managed to survive the whole day of talking. i had to rest my voice when i got home for fear that i might lose it over the next week. i also facilitated the workshop for the altered art. it was a fun mini-album to do. and i think everybody enjoyed it as well.

there are still a lot but i guess it's time to share my thank you's...

joanne - i've always said, you are a visionary. none of this would have been possible if not for your big ideas. my friend, it's a bittersweet ending knowing that you will move to asutralia in a few days. but i know it's just distance we're talking about here. you'll still be with us and helping us realize our dreams for the scrapbooking community here in the philippines.

scrappin' moms: joanne, april, ria, pia, iris and sienna - you guys have made all the sweat and stress of the preparation all worth it. without you guys helping and pushing each of us, i don't we would have survived this and made it the talk of the town.

scrappin' moms idol finalists - guys you are the best! it was a gruelling 12 week journey but you all proved that you are worthy of that spot! your determination from beginning to end showed the immense creativity of the filipina scrapper. you guys make us proud!

all our suppliers - you fan our passion with all the goodies that you always bring in. your support in all oour events and activities are well appreciated. we hope to help make this an even bigger community for you guys as well.

to all scrapbookers - thank you for always supporting the scrpfest. we are here to make this community grow and we hope that we are able to exceed your expectation in every scrapfest that we do.

with all that, again, thank you for making scrapfest a success!

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