Thursday, August 16, 2007

happy birthday bros!

they both just turned another year older this month.

it was a four-year gap between the us and an eleven-year gap between him and the youngest. talk about age difference.

my relationship with these two have its ups and downs much like any family. more so with the one after me.

our personalities often collide and i can't remember a time when we were growing up when we wouldn't fight. our "fighting episodes" were one for the books. i want my way, he wants his way. i like to assert my being the eldest, he doesn't want to be dominated. the fights lessened as we grew older. we still fight though, but things are probably different now.

i took care of the youngest. being the eldest, you have to take on responsibilities and he was one of those. we never did fight, he knew better than to fight with me. but he has his way of "fighting back." which at times leads to arguments and lengthy sermons.

it's more of him and the second who've always had some differences. probably the middle child syndrome working its way on the other one.

still, despite all these, i don't think i'll ever ask for any other brothers. these two have helped mold me as a person. i may not be expressive as to how i feel for them but somehow, i am sure they both know how much i love them. and that, i will be there for them no matter what.

love you bros!

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