Monday, April 23, 2007

just a thought

i'm busy doing yet another layout for our e-zine's deadline and, yet again, i am scrapping photos of nelo & me.

people are probably getting tired of seeing our faces in most of my layouts! lol!

but seriously, they probably are.

still, that won't stop me from scrapping our endless photos together. i still have tons of those waiting to make their way into my scrapbook layouts.

thinking about it, all the more that i long for the moment when i can be able to scrap photos of my own kids.

not that i don't like making layouts featuring my nieces. i love doing layouts for them. but it's different when it's your own kids' photos.

this feeling usually crops up a lot especially when raya's birthday nears. she would be two years old next month, supposedly. i have photos of her with me, but i am not yet ready to place them in a scrapbook album. the pain of her loss is still great. no amount of time can actually erase that pain easily.

at any rate, i still have the man i've chosen to live my life with till the end to scrapbook for. i am happy as it is scrapbooking our countless photos.

until the day that another baby comes our way, well you all just have to contend with our faces in my scrapbook pages for now. smile!


  1. Liza, ako din! Procrastinating to the max! Haha.

    Pero, sis, I don't know if it helps. Pero, coming from a mom like me, ako naman inggit ako that you and Nelo get to really enjoy each other. Kasi mahirap when you have kids na, rarely do you get to focus on each other na talaga. Just enjoy it, sis.

    And I really feel your pain when you talk about Raya. I know that it's something that really takes time to heal. Kaya super bilib ako sa 'yo that you're still one of the friendliest and happiest people around. You really inspire me. Just keep praying and when the time comes, you'll have a little sister or brother to Raya na. And I know you'd make a terrific mom. Love yah, sis!


  2. don't worry, liza. i am not getting tired seeing just you and your husband in your layouts. but, i hope so, too, that in time, you'd have a child, too. i agree with nina, i know that you'd be a terrific mom.

  3. hi liza, scrap as many photos of you and nel together because when the baby comes, i'm sure puro photos naman niya isa-scrap mo.

  4. thanks nina, jenn & mickee for the encouragement. it's just one of those days when you end up suddenly asking thingsa bout your life.

    nina, thanks for understanding. it's a long healing process. i hope i get there soon. again, thank you. hugs!