Thursday, March 01, 2007

i've been tagged

by diane.

so here are my answers:

culinary guilt: i love pasta! spaghetti is my all time favorite! i also love ice cream (chocolate)!

literary guilt: harry potter books! and john grisham novels. although i haven't been able to read much of his recent works. oh, and did i say, scrapbook magazines?!

audio visual guilt: it's american idol time once more! i've been influenced on this thing by my hubby two years ago. oh, and csi and grey's anatomy. for a time, i used to watch the fantaseryes at gma 7 - enkantadia fanatic! lol! oh, and i love cartoons - lots of disney & cartoon network stuff!

musical guilt: i honestly don't have one. i'm not a "musically" inclined person. it's more like, anything goes.

celebrity guilt: brendan fraser! i so like that guy!

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  1. Salamat sa pag answer ng tag ko Liza!