Wednesday, March 14, 2007

almost forgotten

i think that's how my blog has probably been feeling in the past 2 weeks.

nothing much to write about. fairly a quiet month for me.

oh, i forgot to note that we will be going to singapore on june! a promo was once again offered by cebu pacific earlier this month. the fare was cheap considering that we only paid for almost 10K for the 2 of us already. now it's time to start planning as to which areas we'll visit as well as finding a "cheap" hotel.

what else...

i think that's the only significant thing that has happened by far.

i still scrapbook in the evening after work. i'm able to relax more while i scrapbook so that's okay. but i did realize that i am so way behind in some of my scrapbook projects. there are a lot of things that i still have to do and i haven't even started on them yet.

i guess i'll take the lead from ria's blog and write the projects that i have been able to finish. i'll also add up on the projects that i still have to start on. let's see if that motivates me to finish those projects and move them up from the list.

we'll be having an eb this saturday at cca. sahrie was kind enough to host our eb for the month. that will be a whole day of scrapping time for me. hope i'm able to finish a few layouts.

that's it for now. see yah when i see yah!

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