Wednesday, December 13, 2006

scrapbooks exchange xmas party

it was the best christmas party by far! there were a lot of games and the exchange gift was exciting.

but it was raining that day so i was afraid that people may decide not to attend anymore. well surprise, surprise! there were 39 members who attended and there were also 6 suppliers who were there. i am so thankful to everyone for having made it to the party.

it was funny seeing everyone play the games. we had an animal farm-type of games where they group themselves. and there the "scrap henyo" game! it was hilarious. and who will ever forget the "steals" during the exchange gift. shyness wasn't part of everyone's vocabulary after that fun exchange!

food was also overflowing, thanks to the generosity of everyone who contributed.

the only thing we missed out on was a group picture. everyone was just so busy having fun we completely forgot to do it.

oh well, there's always next year!

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