Thursday, October 26, 2006

texas journal # 6 continued

on saturday and sunday, oct. 21 to 22, we toured disneyland.

on saturday, we stayed the whole day at the magic kingdom. we waited for the parade at 3pm, then the spectromagic parade at 8pm and then the finale with the fireworks display at 9pm.

it was such a spectacular sight to see all these shows happening. i couldn't believe that i was really at disneyland at that time. i was like a kid again walking around the park.

on sunday, we were at the magic kingdom in the morning. then we transferred to disney-mgm by 4pm and then proceeded to the epcot center by 7pm for the lights show. wow, 3 parks in 1 day! still, it was all worth the tired and aching feet.

here are some of our photos.

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