Friday, September 08, 2006

multiple entry!

i've been quite busy with work this week that i wasn't even able to share the good news.

we were given a 5-year, multiple entry visa! woohoo! i just couldn't believe it!

when we were granted the visa after the interview, i said to myself that i'd be happy and thankful even if we only get a 6-months visa. the possibility of getting more than that was beyond happiness i think.

i couldn't help but feel so blessed!

the idea of going to the u.s was just that - an idea. i just thought about it but never actually took the step to make it happen. and now, in less than 4 months since we took action on this idea, it really is now coming true.

i am really so excited. actually, nelo & i are excited. we are looking forward to this new experience.

my sil & bil have already planned for a road trip from texas to florida by the 3rd week of october. that will be a 9-day road trip. i really can't wait for that. we'll stop over also at new orleans and louisiana, i think. i do hope the place has recovered somehow from the devastation it went through last year with hurricane katrina.

anyways, we're just finalizing the bookings but we'll be leaving by the 4th of october. i'm starting to get excited again just thinking about how soon we'll be leaving. it's just 27 days away and i just can't wait!


  1. ano liza, are you going to stay until thanksgiving *wink!* *wink!*

  2. uy road trip to florida... konti na lang NC na :D congrats sister! so ibig bang sabihin every year for the next 5 years andito kayo? hehehe. ay teka, how long will you be staying dito? baka hindi tayo mag-abot, uwi ako ng pinas! :P di bale represent kita sa chatmas party :D