Monday, February 06, 2006


a lot of people died in the stamplede at the ultra last saturday, february 4, just trying to get in for the 1st year anniversary of wowowee.

the promise of big prizes which included 20,000 cash for a number of winners, jeepneys for their livelihood and 1.0M was more than enough to entice people to watch the show live.

they've been camping in the area as early as thursday hoping that they'll be among the first to eneter the stadium. their dreams of winning will no longer be realized. almost 70 people were killed in the stampede, mostly women and the elderly.

an on-going probe is currently being done to find out who is liable for the incident that happened.

the way i see it, yes, there were probably a few lapses from the end of the organizer. much like any plan, nothing is perfect. things are bound to happen regardless of how much you've prepared for it. it was just sad that it ended up that way.

still, heartless as it may seem, the people who went there are also to blame for what happened. the desire to win that prize was their priority. some have lost the compassion to help out those in front of them who were already suffocated and squeezed by the huge number of people who were waiting there. reports have stated that some were already stepping on the bodies of some just to be able to get in.

sadly, this is the current state of the masses. they would take that chance to be able to win and get a better life.

but that dream of winning is now gone. gone with the almost 70 people who have died. gone with the almost 200 people who have been injured and are now hospitalized because of this incident. gone are the hopes and dreams of the people that they have left behind because of this tragedy.

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