Friday, February 10, 2006

on trying to conceive

for the past week, the discussion at our e-group have focused on couples who have been trying to conceive.

they all had varied reasons as to why they have not yet been pregnant. some have pcos and are undergoing treatment. other are undergoing work-ups with their ob's hoping that the next pregnancy test will reveal positive results. while others just plainly have not been "lucky" yet to have gotten pregnant, others have had miscarriage and are once again trying to conceive.

some of them i know personally and have been friends with for quite sometime. others, i only know because of the stories they share within the group.

i know their angst in trying to conceive and i understand that it is such a pain to go through each month and yet still find a negative result.

they do say that a family will be much happier and complete when you have a child in it.

not to say though that others who are childless are not happy.

these ladies in the group have actually taken a headcount as to who are the couples who are trying to conceive. i'm happy for them that they have found a common ground, a support group to help each of them know that they are not alone in their quest.

seeing them support each other have made me think --- to what category do i belong to?

i cannot say that i have not yet conceived, coz i actually have.

i've given birth to a beautiful baby girl but she has decided to leave me earlier than i would have wanted.

but since the time our angel passed away, nelo & i have been trying as well. trying to conceive much like the other couples.

but, unlike them, i already know what it is like to be pregnant. i already know what it is like to give birth. and, sadly, i already know the pain of losing someone you love dearly.

now, another monthly cycle has passed and the results are negative. like them, i am once again sad that i have not yet conceived. i am once again sad that i have to wait again another month before i will even know the result. but unlike them, there is no support group that i can lean on to.

i am a single member of my category. for now, i can only turn to my husband for the support that i need. we've both been there and yet, we're both trying to be there.


  1. liza dear, we are your support group. we will always be here for you. we might not have lost a child but as mothers, we know what you're going through and pray that no one go through the same ordeal. if you need to talk or share your thoughts or cry your heart out, just holler. lots of hugs to you!

  2. hi liza, i'm a regular reader of your blog. i may not know the feeling of losing a child but i do know to be there for a friend even if i just have to listen. we are all here to support you. just don't lose hope.

  3. hi liza, i may not know how it is to lose a child but i have lost a loved one so i can somehow relate. i'm one with you in praying that you'll be granted the baby you're hoping for very, very soon. cheers!

  4. I'm part on n@w-TTC. It's a budding support group :) Whether we're part of a support group or not, it doesn't really matter as much as knowing that the people we love are there for us and join us in praying for our wished children. My prayers are with you too. *hugs*