Monday, February 06, 2006

the kinder zoo experience

it's been years since i've last visited manila zoo. i think i was still in college that time and it was part of our ecology class. i think there was still a giraffe during that time.

well, we visited manila zoo again on a sunday, january 28. sil and family is due to go back to texas on february 1 already, so we decided to bring baby c to the zoo before she goes home.

it was a blast from the past, with a few alterations.

as we entered the zoo, the first thing that we saw was the elephant. i don't know how old that elephant is now but it looked old. sadly, it looked quite pathetic inside the cage. but hey, when i saw the look of awe on baby c's eyes, i didn't care anymore if it looked pathetic or it was smelly. the expression on her face upon seeing that giant elephant was priceless.

there were still a few things worth seeing inside teh zoo, at least from a kids' perspective. the kids who were roaming around the zoo just seemed excited seeing all those caged animals.

what really caught our attention though was the kinder zoo.

kinder zoo

it was a separate area from the main zoo where you can actually interact with some of the animals. since there was a different entrance fee to the kinder zoo, we decided that it will just be me, sil, bil and baby c who will go inside.

(not) camera shy as we are, we were quite prepared to take a lot of photos inside especially of baby c interacting with the animals. all i can say was it was a blast!

baby c super enjoyed her turtle ride. she probably thought it was a horse since she's been riding the carousel for the past 2 weeks everytime we're out.

enjoying my turtle ride weee!!!

we were also allowed to hold the birds. they were so colorful!

malalaglag na ako tita!

while at the hanging bridge, baby c didn't want to be carried. she likes to walk on the wooden planks also coz she liked looking at the water under the bridge. but, the bridge was shaky so we had to carry her instead.

the finale of the kinder zoo experience was when i held on to the python! lol! my expression says it all! hahaha!

dahan-dahan oh no...

ngiii!!! di ko na kaya!

it was really fun. i'm sure baby c will enjoy watching our video of this trip to the zoo!


  1. yikes! hindi ba scary yung sawa? hahaha.

    its about time na ma-improve naman yung manila zoo after so many years of neglect. i'm glad you guys, esp baby c, had a great time :)

  2. mama meeya! hahaha! a bit scary but it was fun during that time. i just made sure malapit lang ako dun sa caretaker para may biglang kukuha! lol!

  3. hehe saya talaga ang mga kids sa zoo, nakakahawa :D grabe ang laki ng sawa, nggi..