Wednesday, January 04, 2006

my gift to myself

went out with my officemates for lunch last monday at rockwell, and there was a sale at mango! well, that was the main reason why we went out for lunch actually. anyway, as if the clothes at mango will fit me! i've gained so much in the past few months that it's a struggle to search for new clothes to wear! uh-oh, i'm rambling about my weight issues.

as i was saying, there was a sale at mango. so, i did not buy any clothes but i ended up buying this cute bag (read: very useful for me and big enough to fit all my junk). it was on sale but still a bit pricey. still, i ended up buying coz i just love how the bag looks and i can use it daily even if i wear a corporate outfit.

this is my post-christmas gift to myself (aside from the other scrapbook stuff i've already ordered! lol!)

my gift

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